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GenSci has developed advanced formulation technologies for protein drugs such as PEGylation, topical gel forms,
forms. Some of the technologies have already been applied to our products in clinical trials. Licensing of the
technologies is open to potential partners. Please ask us about the opportunities.

  • GenSci's Proprietary Technology - E.coli secretion technology
    GenSci has patented the secretion technology which produces the human growth hormone protein of 191 amino acid
    residues with far less E.coli host protein contamination and subsequently no side effects associated with injection
    (such as red painful welts). In addition, the hGH produced using the secretion technology is very stable. It is also
    called "the fifth generation of rhGH". The main rhGH manufacturers are all adopting this production technology, and
    such rhGH product is dominating the market.  
  • Superpurity Control System
    Superpurity Control System is constituted of raw material quality control system, environment control system, technical control system and purity control system. It is a very complex and complicated system. With advanced technologies
    and strict quality management, GenSci manufactures the most purified and stable biological pharmaceutical products.



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