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There are many fake Jintropin™ and fake hGH products in the market now, and because fake hGH or low quality hGH can
cause serious long term health problem, it is important to make sure you will receive genuine Jintropin™, Always order
through us or our
official distributors. And when you receive your Jintropin™, always check with our anti-counterfeiting service.


List of fake Jintropin™

Following is a list of fake Jintropin™ providers. Please do not buy Jintropin from them.


Fake Jintropin™ Website
instagram:jintropinparaguay (China) (China) (China) (China) (China) (China) (Russia) (China) (China) (China) (China) (China) (China) (China) (China) (All the Jintropin on this website are fake) (China)
…… to be updated.

Fake Jintropin™ Product
Genitropin (by ProGeni Pharmaceuticals Co.)
Nomatropin (Keferi)
…… to be updated.

Fake Jintropin™ Supplier
Beijing Shengmingzhiquan Bio-Medical Institute(China)
Ghormone Biotech
Health Center (England)
Hongkong HW Biotech Co., Ltd.(China HK)
Hongkong Greenday Bio-Tech Company Limited(China HK)
Hongkong Rongxin Bio-tech Co., Ltd (China) / Rongxin Bio-Tech Co.,ltd(H.K.)
Hua Ding Yi Pin Co., Ltd.(China)
Hubei Zhongke Trade Co.,Ltd(China)
Hunan Growth Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.(China)
International Pharmaceuticals China (IP China)
Jintan Xin Kai Trading Co., Ltd(China)
Shishi New Star Sports Equipment Co., Ltd (China)
…… to be updated.

If you have any information of fake Jintropin, please contact us.


Please Note: GenSci never sells unlabelled Jintropin™. All the unlabelled vials that claimed to be Jintropin™ are fake.

Beware of other types of counterfeits

Some fake Jintropin™ products might have similar texture on their anti-counterfeiting stickers as genuine Jintropin™. BE
CAREFUL!! Just having the anti-counterfeiting number is not enough to verify authenticity. The fibers are embedded in the real anti-counterfeiting sticker (you can use a needle to pick some fibers out), while the counterfeit labels normally would not have
the fibers and instead they usually have printed marks where the fibers should be embedded.
Learn more about features of
product Texture Anti-counterfeiting Sticker.
There are some brands of fake hGH. They buy small amount of Jintropin™ from us, relabel them and sell to the customers. Because they use relabeled Jintropin™ in the beginning, customers will start to trust
their quality, but then they would switch back to the fake hGH. Therefore be careful about the new unknown hGH brands you


3 easy ways to verify genuine Jintropin™

(1) When ordering

Please always order through us directly or through our official distributors, when you are not sure, contact us directly.

(2) When you receive your Jintropin™

Please always check your Jintropin™ kit boxes carefully to ensure that they conform with the features of real Jintropin™. If
there is any single difference, you can be sure it is fake Jintropin™.

(3) Authenticate your Jintropin™

Definitively with the Jintropin™ Anti-counterfeiting System


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