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In 2008, GenSci and Chinese Red Cross Foundation joined hands to establish the "Red Cross Angel Project -GenSci
Medicare Assistance for Dwarf Children". GenSci donated 5 mil RMB drugs to the Chinese Red Cross, offering assistance to patients with family financial difficulties. To further encourage more attention and support to dwarf children by social abilities, Chinese Red Cross Foundation, jointed with GenSci, formally established the "Growing Angel Fund" and held a launching
ceremony in Changchun, Jilin Province, China in October 2010. GenSci donated drugs of 2 mil RMB to the fund as the first
batch of contribute funds. The foundation of "Growth Angel Fund" greatly caught people's attention country wide to the dwarf
people. Furthermore, more and more caring people and organizations have actively participated in the assistance for dwarf
people. The operation of the fund also provided a formal way of donations for caring people and organizations, those who
care about dwarf people and are willing to help dwarf people to improve the health of mind and body.



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