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Health Convey Activities for China Children Growth & Development starts

Published Date:  4/16/2013

Recently, the 2013 Healthy Spread Activity for Chinese Children growth and development hosted by Health Times and
supported by GenSci, was officially started in Beijing Children's Hospital.

                                                Dwarfism patients need the attention of whole society.

Lu Jiarui from Shanghai, female, 33 years old, 1.16 meters in height; Zhu Jie, female, 25 years old,1.25 meters in height, and so on. Recently, in Beijing, journalists saw these famous "dwarf star" from all over the country on the spot of opening
ceremony of The 2013 Health Spread Activity for Children Growth and Development in Beijing Children’s Hospital.

In the real life, you might have heard of or saw pocket-size girls or adults just like Lu Jiarui and Zhu Jie, they are actually
dwarfism patients. So, how should we diagnose and treat the dwarfism? This is an issue of particular concern to those
pediatric and adolescent parents whose children are in the period of growth.

  On the spot of The 2013 Health Spread Activity for Chinese Children Growth and Development Beijing based

Standard Treatment is important, but a correct understanding is more important.

Gong Chunxiu, the director of Beijing Children's Hospital, said, we must firstly conduct correct diagnosis then treatment.
Before treatment, the doctors should perfect related laboratory examination to definite the diagnosis, explain the state of the
illness to parents, fully discuss with parents and inform them about benefits and risks of the treatment.

The doctors should make different treatment based on different causes, for example, the children with growth hormone
deficiency should be administrated by GH. There will be a significant growth catch-up after hypothyroidism is treated by

In most cases, dwarfism wouldn't affect lives. However, the improper understanding to the dwarfism will lead mental
problems which can affect health. The mental treatment is the basic problem, not those supporting growing medicines.

GH replacement therapy can largely improve the final height of those patients with GHD. In the process of treatment, the
patient must regularly take the medicines. Remember not to stop casually. 

         Gong Chunxiu, the director of endocrine metabolic center of Beijing Children Hospital, is addressing

Appealing for adding Dwarfism into medical insurance

To make maximal use of the limited funds, the standard treatment is also important. Only strict standard treatment is
conducted, the resource can be used in the right place. At this point, the management through different levels of the right of
prescribing and auditing by expert is the real solution to keep standard treatment- that is to say, the right medicine and the
right medical insurance funds to be used among the right patients. The expert group and medical insurance can mutually
promote each other, which can avoid the medicines abuse.



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