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GenSci, love grows with Dwarf Community

Published Date:  11/2/2011

        Recently,"Growing Angel Fund- medicare assistance", which is established by GenSci jointely with Chinese Red Cross
is formally launched in Changchun. GenSci, donates 200 million RMB as the first donation. On site, Dr. Lei Jin,
the CEO of GenSci,
also provides the national-wide dwarfs with 200 positions. By now, GenSci has devoted its love and care to 8 million dwarfs and achieved a big span, from drug relief to fund relief, from a focus on dwarfs’ height to dwarfs’ physical and mental growth.

        On that day, China's first Dwarf Football League Finals ends perfectly. This free football training project is a special one
jointly organized by Everton Benevolent Fund and GenSci. Since 2009, football training and selection of games have covered more than ten cities and provinces, which let more than 150 dwarfs who were insulation of sport share the joy of sport.

Approaching to the Dwarf

        Short stature has seriously affected the national physical fitness. How to promote the healthy growth of short stature
patients in physical and psychological is not only a medical problem but also a social issue of great concern.

        According to Chinese epidemiological and demographic statistics, China's short stature rate is 3%, there are 800 million patients with short stature, and this figure is growing with an annual rate of 16.7 million. But in China, the care to the short
stature disease and short stature crowd is in "sleep period", mainly because Chinese people generally do not regard short
stature as a health issue, even do not know the earlier they have inspection and detection, the better treatment they can
achieve. And children with short stature are in various places all over the country, which adds difficulty to the treatment of target patients.

        In fairy story, seven dwarfs and a thumb girl lived a happy life secluding themselves from the society. However, the real life is not such wonderful. Because of their short stature, they loose the chance of studying and getting a job. They have to bury the love desire in their heart. They usually hide themselves in the corner of the society, or live in the virtual internet world,
regarding the inferiority as their protector. Some of them have come a long way to seek medical treatment. They become brave and strong slowly after stumbling in the real world. But those who could face life with strong self-confidence are in a small
part, there are still more people living in the psychological shadow. 
 According to the survey, 90% of the patients have inferiority, self-closing and other psychological problems. Facing the
treatment environment and plight of short stature children, GenSci, as a company with a strong sense of social responsibility and historical mission, pours all its power on the care of the short stature people.

Sponsor of the dwarfs

        Once, short stature disease treatment was the worldwide problem, but along with medical technology's improvement, the treatment has a very big breakthrough now. Although the medicine science made impressive progress, Chinese numerous
remote village patients
wasted their life because of unable to bear the expense for the inspection and treatment. In order to let more children accept the assistance, GenSci invests the massive drugs and fund donation to those poor children.

        In 2008, "Growing Angel Fund- medicare assistance", which was established by GenSci jointly with Chinese Red Cross
was launched in Beijing. Every year, GenSci donated 1 million RMB drugs to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation
in use of treating the poor short stature children. Up to now, Li Juan, Chen Yinsong, Zuo Kangyong, Sui Shicai, WuYao, He
Jincheng, Guan Junsen, Cheng Xiaoting, Cheng Hongyun, Yao Junhui and other 160 children have received assistance, as
the beneficiaries of this project. In the future, assistance can be offered to more children to help them achieve the dream of
growing high.

        Li Xiang, 23 years old, was diagnosed as a "dwarf diabetes insipidus" in Shanghai Changzheng Hospital at the end of
1992. Since August of 2000, under the assistance of GenSci, he grew from 106 cm before the treatment to the present 176

        Zhao Zijian, 21 years old, after eight years of treatment, he grows from the initial 89 cm to the present 162.5 cm.

        Chen Yinsong, 30 years old, began the treatment in May 2007, he grows from the initial 130 cm to the present 153 cm.

        Cheng Hongyun and Cheng Xiaoting both are 18 years old, respectively, 1.03 m and 1.05 m high. After treatment, the
present heights are 1.39 m and 1.40 m.

        Guan Junsen, the initial height 134 cm, after treatment, his height grows to 152 cm high.  

        He Jincheng, 12 years old, after nine months of free drug treatment, he grows from 96 cm to 120 cm.


        As GenSci’s love assistance deepens, we find that those people who can not grow high any more also become the
crowd that can not be ignored.

        Since 2008, GenSci began to set up dwarf association in Changchun, Chongqing, Shanxi, Shanghai, Henan, Zhejiang
and other places. A series of activities organized by dwarf association aimed to help those adult dwarfs get out of the
inferiority, lonely shadow, to obtain friendship, love, and even job opportunities. At present, the dwarf association achieved 15 pairs of dwarf-lovers, contributed to the marriages of 5
dwarf-couples and also solved the work problem of more than 10

        In 2009, GenSci joint with Everton Charitable Foundation, sharing their professional experience in helping vulnerable
groups, began to make football team training program in more than ten cities. They hope to make those children who were
sports insulation change negative attitudes from sports training, to obtain a sense of belonging to the group and identity, and
thus to face life actively.

        In 2010, they signed Seven Cities Happy Selection Agreement with English Premier League football. Therefore, the first
Dwarf Football League in China was held perfectly
in Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Nanjing,
, making more dwarfs like normal people have their own sports activities.

        After the launch of the Fund, the 2010 China Dwarf Football League finals started. The South team and North team throughout the country attracted more than 200 people come to watch the battle short.

        All the players seemed very excited, as long as entering the court they ran after the ball like a swarm of bees. No matter
what positions of the players, no sooner caught the ball than they shoot. Although they all sweated out, they still cheered up
themselves continuously in the stadium. The dwarf players ran like a leopard in the race, and their enthusiasm commanded
respect. At this moment, they were same like the common men. There was no regret of height, no mock, no confused and
pains only the endless happiness brought from the football. During the 20 minutes cheerful competition,
North team beat
South team with the score of 3-2, and won the championship.
Finally, China’s first Dwarf Football Finals ended perfectly in

        Medicines save life, “the growth hormone” helps them obtain the growth from the body; Minds save heart, “the
compassion enterprise” helps them obtain the healthy development from the psychology. But on the aspect of showing loving concern to the short stature children, it is not enough just depends upon GenSci’s strength. In order to further impel the entire society to show loving concern to the short stature crowd, condense more loving concern strength from the society, help them realize the dream of growing high, and improve their living condition, GenSci once more jointed with Chinese Red Cross
Foundation established
"Growing Angel Fund- medicare assistance", and donated 2 million RMB as the first donation to the "Growing Angel Fund ".

        Well-known young actor Tong Dawei and his wife GuanYue undertook the roles of the love angels for the "Growing Angel Fund". They appealed to more people to participate in the assistance project for the dwarf patients. A piece of encouraging
news to the dwarf patients and their parents is that some local governments, such as Shanghai, Zhejiang and other provinces had added the growth hormone to the list of national health insurance directory. The combined attention of the government, social power, caring enterprises and people make the ideal height dream of dwarf patients come true.

Social inspirer

        GenSci puts in large funds as mass education funds every year. GenSci joints with the hospital union developed free medical treatment consultation, and carries out the mass science education together with the community, helps the mass understand disease and enhances the healthy idea. They helped parents pay attention to the children’s height earlier, avoiding
leaving behind the life-long regret.

        “GenSci is the place of achieving miracle.” A reporter said after he knew GenSci gave short stature children free treatment.

        “We are also willing to join in GenSci’s volunteer ranks and become a dwarf volunteer.” This was the media and social
public's call after the dwarf association and football game activity.

        More and more media start to skim the view of “seeks novelty”, they go to understand them truly and appeal the society
pay attention to them, in a view of showing loving concern. More and more public start to pay attention to the “Dwarf crowd”, a
special group. The probability of unusual judgment is also getting fewer and fewer.

        On the site, Dr. Lei Jin, the CEO of GenSci announced that GenSci would provide the national-wide dwarfs with 200
According to Dr. Jin Lei’s introduction, this was a real thing that done by GenSci for the national-wide dwarfs. He
hoped that it could help dwarfs solve some practical difficulties.

        Liu Zulin, 27 years old, is only 135 cm. After graduation, he was unable to find the job because of his short stature. “The
working opportunity provided by GenSci is the biggest help to the dwarfs actually, which let us who once were subject to the
attack in seeking of positions see the hope.”

        From the scientific innovatory medicine's research and development, 5million medicine's donation, to 2million RMB
donation, to provide 200 working positions to dwarfs, GenSci, on the path of showing loving concern to dwarfs, is surmounting unceasingly. GenSci gathers more love strengths of society and braces dwarfs’ happy sky.

Research and innovation

        Short stature is a health issue, which is not a life-threatening disease but will have a lifetime-influence on the short
stature patients. The loving concern action launched by GenSci to the short stature patients will change their fate totally. More and more medicine investment and social investment are made, and more parents are correcting their recognition, these
efforts are priceless. As a national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" major project of new drug industry, the first state genetic
engineering “Enterprise’s New Drug incubation base”, GenSci has always been exploring its own development path.

        Since its establishment in 1996, the annual performance of GenSci has been growing at the rate of 40% to 60%, and
ranked in a leading position in the domestic biopharmaceutical industry.

        From the first domestic growth hormone powder for injection, to the first liquid injection in Asia, and then the first
PEG-hGH internationally, with the first domestic approval for adult growth hormone deficiency and the first approval for burns
indication internationally, GenSci has grown up to be an enterprise that owns the most strengths and indications in human
growth hormone field. Through the growth of more than ten years, GenSci has found the important strategy of developing --
R&D and innovation.

        GenSci’s annual research investment surpasses 12% of its sales, which is in the leading level of the domestic
biopharmaceutical industry. The company has the most advanced experimental technology platform of biology drugs
manufacture. The new medicine developed recently is completely first in China, and part of them is the first in the world. Now, GenSci's serial growth hormone products have already occupied the international leading position in this field, and its latest
developed PEG-hGH is also in the international leading position. GenSci has an overall, serial and long-term product
and promotion strategy on children’s growth field and has already implemented this strategy on the R&D of many products.

        To an emerging enterprise, R&D is not to certainly become the world’s first innovation, but should act according to its
different strength and opportunity in each time. For example, from comprehensive imitation to the partial innovation, and then
to the comprehensive innovation, GenSci is moving on such a road. At present, GenSci has growth hormone powder injection, water for injection and PEG entire serial product. No matter in the quantity or on the patent, GenSci is in a worldwide leading
place. “Growing higher” is only one indication of growth hormone actually, and we may also develop into more aspects on
children’s growth domain. For instance, children sexual precocity, giantism, growth insufficiency and so on. With an overall,
serial, long-term product strategy, and more products entered into clinical trials and the application phase, GenSci has
become the first brand in the field of children growth and treatment in China.

        When Mr. Qinglin Jia, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC, visits GenSci, he expresses satisfaction to company's business performance and the new drug’s independent innovation. He encourages Dr. Lei Jin, the CEO of GenSci, to continue to play his strong points as returned people from the
US, enhance the new medicine independent innovation ability unceasingly and obtain a bigger superiority and a better benefit in the domestic gene system drugs domain.




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