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"Growing Angel Fund" sponsored by GenSci founds

Published Date:  2/1/2011

In October 2010, GenSci donated 2 million RMB as the first donation to the "Growing Angel Fund ".


Dr. Lei Jin (right), the CEO of GenSci,
donated a check to Lei Shumin, assistant to the secretary-general of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation.

October 31, 2010, "Growing Angel Fund- medicare assistance", the first national dwarf charitable fund, was launched in
Changchun, Jilin Province. GenSci, the co-organizer, donated 200 million RMB as the first donation; the company also
provided the national-wide dwarfs with 200 positions. Subsequently, Chinas first Dwarf football League finals successful
ended in Changchun as well.

Gladness: 800 Million Dwarf Patients Have the Special Funds of Their Own

At noon of Oct-31, many journalists arrived at the gymnasium of Jinlin University to visit the dwarf patients from around the
country, whose faces lit up with joy. At 13:00 pm, "Growing Angel Fund- medicare assistance" for dwarf patients started
officially. Lei Shumin, assistant to the secretary-general of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation and the manager of project
Management Department, Wu Peijun, Deputy Secretary of Peoples Government of Jilin Province, and Sui Dianjun, Director of Health Department of Jilin Province, as well as 200 dwarf patients from all over the country participated in this activity.

Hope   GenSci provided 200 positions

At the place of active site, Dr. Jin Lei, CEO of GenSci declared that they would provide the dwarf patients with 200 positions.
According to the introduction of Dr. Jinlei, the employment opportunities provided by GenSci was a very crucial assistant to the dwarf patients, which greatly encouraged the dwarf patients those who once frustrated in the process of hunting jobs.

Amazing   The appearance of 8 mini football babies

In the middle of match relaxation, the appearance of 8 mini football babies put the atmosphere to a high tide. Zou Jiao, one of
the dwarfs, told the reporters proudly, "Te dwarfs are also beautiful and fashionable; the mini football babies are the best
proof of this point of view."

Onsite   Many leaders moved to tears.

As the social vulnerable groups the dwarfs had been neglected and marginalized for a long time. Most of them could not get into the normal social life. They are bearing the difficulties and suffering that ordinary people could never imagine, especially in education, employment, marriage etc. Onsite, the reporters witnessed Wu Kang, the shortest man in China, who is only 68
cm tall in his twenty-two years old. Professor Luo Xiaoping, president of Asia-Pacific Childrens Endocrine Society, standing
committee member of Chinese Academy of Pediatrics, and group leader of the Endocrinology Genetic Metabology, said, "
China was in a leading position internationally in the treatment of dwarf. Wu Kang, who was diagnosed as dwarf in an earlier
time, could win out the opportunity to grow through growth hormone treatment". 

Among them, the tallest dwarf, Li Xiang, had reached 176 cm after receiving proper treatment. The audiences were shocked
when he standed beside Wu Kang. No doubt that LiXiangs experiment gave hope to those who want to change the height and fate of being dwarfs. The dwarfs on the stage told their stories one by one. Some of them are college graduates. However, they were repeatedly humiliated and rejected when applying for jobs; their only hope was to live happily like an ordinary man and
the only dream was to grow up. At the moment of being touched by their speaking, Sui Dianjun, director of Jinlin Department of Health, wet his eyes. A lot of leaders and the audiences were also moved to tears and applauded warmly in return.

Gladness:  GenSci donated the first batch of 2 million RMB

According to Lei Shumin, the social saving power to the dwarfs went from strength to strength. Since 2008, when Chinese
Red Cross Foundation joined hands with GenSci to develop the project of medicare assistance for dwarf children, more than 160 patients of dwarf patients had been succored. Onsite, GenSci donated 2 million RMB, to further develop the assistant
project to the dwarf patients. Lei highly valued GenScis donation and pointed that the running of the fund had offered a formal way for those who wanted to offer their help to the dwarf patients.
Well-known young actor Tong Dawei and his wife GuanYue undertook the roles of the love angels for the "Growing Angel
Fund". They appealed to more people to participate in the assistance project for the dwarf patients. An encouraging new to the dwarf patients and their parents was that some local governments, such as Shanghai, Zhejiang and other provinces had add the growth hormone to the list of national health insurance directory. The combined attention of the government, social power, caring enterprises and people make the ideal height dream of dwarf patients come true.

Vehemence  The football finals of North team against the South team

After the opening ceremony, the Chinas first Dwarf Football League finals 2010 started formally. The final was co-organized by the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, GenSci and Everton Benevolent Fund football project special for the dwarf patients.
Before the final, selective trials had been hold in Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Nanjing and the other
cities. The dream final, the North team against the South team, attracted more than 200 dwarf people across the country to
come to watch this battle short.

The final started at 13:00, 6 players of each team, who were selected through many trials, felt excited. As long as entering the court they ran after the ball like a swarm of bees. No matter the place of players, no sooner had they caught the ball than they
shoot. Although they all sweated out, they still cheered up themselves continuously. The dwarf players ran like a leopard in the stadium, and their enthusiasm commanded respect. Now, they were different from the common men. There was no regret of height, no mock, no confused or pains but the endless happiness from the football. During the 20 minutes cheerful match, the North team won the match 3-2 and got the championship. The curtain of the Chinas first Dwarf Football League finals 2010
descended perfectly in Changchun.




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